Tuesday 11 June 2013


Metro is inspired by Dmitri Glukhovsky's series of books, the heartless dystopia created over two volumes is one where humanity bleeds. Metro 2033 deals with this atmosphere in its tight scary passages, Last light is same but with more limitations. Metro last light is a first person shooting game. It has a diverse story which is continued from the first part Metro 2033.

First you have to go through that how Metro is structured. Because it is just like Metro 2033, the game is set in post-apocalyptic Russia and game’s structure is linear shooter and you will have enough places to explore. Guns, ammo and other important needs can be explored. It is a game designed to be savored rather than rushed through.
Light and shadow play a vital role in the game, where players will have to use the darkness to obscure their advance or use their flashlight as a weapon to frighten off dark dwelling enemies.
Players will be able to sneak, duck and perform elusive takedowns at a close range. You can turn off the light by unscrewing it or by switching it to off quietly which will help you to take down the enemies while remain hidden, you can also shoot at the bulb. Another thing is about gas mask which requires filter that needs to be change frequently depending on time limit. You can find many filters in your path, especially near dead bodies. The gas mask is important because outside the metro anywhere you will need it in order to live otherwise you will die because of radiations.
The easy thing of this game is that it has a compass which guides us every time where to go. Our person (Artyom) can keep 3 weapons, lot of other bombs and throwing knifes.
I don’t like these type of alien creature games, but this game is neither bad nor very good. It’s a heavy game with good gameplay and graphics. It is quite a frightening game, especially when you are playing at night alone in the room and the creatures attack you suddenly.

One good feature of the game is that it provides a summary of the previous chapter, while loading the next chapter, which makes it easy to understand the game. I didn't play Metro 2033 but read its story in order to play Metro last light easily.

It consists of following chapters:
  1. Sparta
    2.      Ashes
    3.      Reich
    4.      Separation
    5.      Pavel
    6.      Facility
    7.      Torchlight
    8.      Echoes
    9.      Bolshoi
    10.  Korbut
    11.  Revolution
    12.  Regina
    13.  Bandtis
    14.  Dark Waters
    15.  Venice
    16.  Sundown
    17.  Nightfall
    18.  Under City
    19.  Contagion
    20.  Quarantine
    21.  Khan
    22.  The Chase
    23.  The Crossing
    24.  Bridge
    25.  Depot
    26.  The Dead City
    27.  Red Square
    28.  The Garden
    29.  Polis
    30.  D6

    There are two endings of the game, the good and the bad and depends on your choice of decisions.


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