Wednesday 5 June 2013

Phone Review: NOKIA LUMIA 820

Nokia’s launch of the first Windows Phone 8 smartphones includes Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. It was important that these smartphones convince the users of Microsoft’s mobile platform's potential. It's quite easy to appreciate the Nokia Lumia 820 for its build quality and level of equipment, you may even begin to be impressed by it when you realize about its sensibility with an affordable mid-range package. Despite having key features such as 4.3" 16M-color ClearBlack AMOLED display of WVGA resolution, 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, 1080p@30fps video recording, 1.5GHz dual-core Krait CPU, Adreno 225 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset, 1GB of RAM, Free lifetime voice-guided navigation and 8GB of inbuilt storage with expandable microSD card slot, but the main disadvantage for WP8 devices which makes them a bit behind then the Android and IOS phones is the lack of Application catalogue available for WP8 devices. Since WP8 is just back in business with new hopes, therefore this store deficiency is going to be covered very soon. Though it is still not enough to beat the driod family coming in same range. However, it would be unrealistic to expect WP to get in the lead so early, as WP platform is growing out of infancy it might take some time to impress the Android users. However Lumia 820 is no doubt a simple brilliant modern UI phone with a beautiful and easily manageable Social networks integration.
Unlike other Lumia’s, the Nokia Lumia 820 supports a microSD card slot for memory expansion, a user-replaceable battery and exchangeable covers. Lumia 820 comes with high standard a way above average AMOLED screen. As it’s said that AMOLED and the Windows Phone OS are a match made in heaven. The 4.3" screen of the Lumia 820 is taken straight from the former flagship, and is quick to impress with excellent contrast and sunlight legibility. As for its design and build quality, Nokia is strong in the design of their smartphones. Full plastic body with clean and smooth looks is what Nokia Lumia 820 is.
Windows Phone 8 is meant to look the same across all devices but still have its own way to customize the experience and stay in the competition. So, WP8 on a Nokia Lumia is noticeably different from what you get from competing makers thanks to a number of exclusive features. The primary interface looks mostly the same as previous ones with a number of improvements.
Windows Phones currently missing a feature which is that you can’t see all notifications for different apps all together. Whereas live tiles manage to show notifications from each app to some extent. But it’s not going to be there soon as Microsoft has expressed that it's working on just such a feature and that we should see it in a future update to WP 8.
Virtual voice assistants such as Siri for Apple and Google Voice Actions for Andriod, Windows Phone 8 can be controlled through voice only that can dictate or have the phone read text out, you can initiate searches and so on. Although Windows assistant is still far behind the competition.
The Nokia Lumia 820 captures an average quality picture with an 8MP camera with interesting sensor design, photos are snaps at 3264 x 2448 pixels in 4:3 mode and 3552 x 2000 in 16:9 mode with a 26mm wide-angle lens with f/2.2 aperture and a dual-LED flash. Having simple camera UI with basic controls on the right including swipe gesture to view the last taken image. Nokia has preloaded the Smart Shoot lens, which is by far the most powerful, and you can also download the Panorama and Cinemagraph lenses.
The Nokia Lumia 820 shoots 1080p and 720p videos in a good quality. The camcorder interface is identical to the still camera's and has plenty of features too.
The main view of the Photos hub displays four categories including camera roll, albums, date and people. A swipe to the left reveals what's new, updates from Social network friends and liked pages' new picture galleries. By another swipe shows your favorites section, shows the photos you've faved. All Photos integrates with SkyDrive, which is a great option for backup.
A standard music player, similar to that of the stock music player with Dolby Headphones enhancements. The video player in Windows Phone 8 has greatly improved codec support since our last encounter. Now it supports DivX and MP4 videos up to 1080p resolution. The few things it won't play are MKV files and videos using the AC3 audio codec. There is no subtitle support at this point.
Since Zune is no longer needed for Windows Phone 8, it easily connect via USB mass storage mode for Data transfer and a Windows Phone app is also available in the store which makes quite easy to sync pictures and music between your phone and pc.
Office one of the most demanding apps these days, Hence Office is one of the key selling points of Windows Phone. Document viewing and editing is absolutely free and integrated into the OS. SkyDrive integration is available as well. Docs are automatically synced between the phone and your computer through SkyDrive which makes Great Office experience on mobile.
Overall Nokia Lumia 820 is a mid-range heavy smartphone in terms of its performance and features. I really think it is necessary to mention that Lumia 820 was never supposed to challenge or even threaten the iPhone. Though the on-going and upcoming updates for WP8 devices will keep it in the competition with its rivals the Andriod army.

Currency Converter
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The Weather Channel
Live Weather update on home screens of smartphones has now become as a basic application. It shows the weather forecast and the daily temperature. The Weather Channel App is a freeware for windows phone. It also shows the daily and forecasted weather conditions with minimum and maximum temperatures. It also tells the Sun Rise time and Sun Set time for your location. Other parameters for weather such as Pressure, Humidity and wind conditions including Chill and Wind Speed are also covered in the Application. This application lacks at one point when you are in offline mode (i.e. no sim card in use) it gives error finding the location while other weather application do work perfectly. Overall this is the most updated weather application for Pakistan, although it fetches the data from yahoo services.

Nike+ Kinect training
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NOTE:  "You cannot work out with this Windows Phone app. This app provides information about your workouts on Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360. You need to complete workouts Xbox console before this app will work properly"

Baby Monitor
Are you worried about your baby? Getting difficulties in work because to have an eye on your baby? Want to save money and to be close to your baby? Now you don’t need to buy any kind of home equipment to monitor your child. Baby Monitor comes for free on windows phones.
By turning your phone into baby monitor. The app shows that your child is resting peacefully by creating an interference-free secured connection between phone and PC which allows audio as well as video monitoring. The app uses PC microphone and webcam as sensor and phone screen as monitor. See and hear your baby on phone. Independent audio and video on/off button. Currently this apps only supports PC to phone connection via PC Remote server (needs to be downloaded to PC) on Windows OS Vista and 7. A microphone or headset for audio and a webcam for video is required with a wireless internet connection. Some coming soon features are announced by the developer which includes:
•              Phone to phone connectivity for scenarios when PC is unavailable
•              Talk-back option to speak from monitor to camera
•              Connectivity over Internet to see/hear baby from any remote location
•              Baby soother to play soothing sound and lullabies

Asaan Namaz
This Application is designed for the Muslims to learn or to revise the method of offering the Namaz. With the help of images the application easily explains the method of Salah (Namaz). The method is detailed telling the exact positions for each and every step of Namaz, with what to recite at what point. It also contain the timing and rakats description of Namaz. This Application was first developed for IOS but is now available for Windows Phone 8. Great thanks to the developer.


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