Tuesday 4 June 2013


Tomb Raider is a third person action-adventure shooting game with all the cut scenes that complete the game. It’s totally different from the other sequels, like the Anniversary, which was very difficult, stucking in every place, couldn’t find out the right path. This one is easy you can easily get a hint for the ammo, salvage boxes, path by using the Survivor Instinct.
The game is really good and different. The story line is good and graphics aren’t bad. All gamers should try it. Personally I liked the customization of guns, clothes and earning skill points and finding salvage points. Lara can hold 4 weapons which includes bow and arrow, pistol, short gun, rifle. I used to play with bow and arrow. The only minor issue with it is that she holds 3 larger weapons alongside with her pistol and only one of the three will display at a time.
Skill points are earned by killing people and finding the lost treasure. After getting skill points you can acquire any skill from the camps. There are many Camps that are found between the missions where you can do all that stuff changing Lara’s clothes to customization of weapons. In order to customize your weapon you will need salvage points. Salvage points can be found by looting animals, enemies and from boxes. You can also use the fast travel camp to access any place quickly but can’t use it during mission.
Tomb Raider is one of the best third person game I’ve ever played, because there is no need to duck or take cover by pressing any key, she will do it herself, that’s a great thing for the game.

The problem you may have:
During the game you will get stuck in the action key.
The negative part for me was the action key button. I wa­s stuck in that many times, action key on PC was the “E” key. I searched on net and found that it was a small bug, and many gamers were stuck on that. The action key button sometimes needs to be mesh quickly and sometimes slowly. The main problem with it was when you are using gears to open or pull anything. And even when you are trying to save yourself from the last Mathias man.
Solution for it is to try many times and you can also change the mapping of it. Like I played the whole game with “E”, but in the last mission I changed it to “K” from which I succeeded in the very first time, that might be a luck, but you may try.


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